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Return of the BlogMaster

Posted by turtle0411 on May 26, 2014

Looking at my previous post, Its being 1 year plus since i even entered this blog. I guess i have this drive to start posting stuff here again. In this 1 year so many things had happened and i guess i will slowly lashed it out onto the blog.

For old readers, new readers or passerby, do give a comment if u can be it good or bad! Stay tune as i will rebuild this blog into a Seiyuu lover one~~

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Posted by turtle0411 on February 3, 2013



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New goodies!

Posted by turtle0411 on December 5, 2012

Aha, haven been posting for a while. Getting more and more lazy by the day m(_)m. Combine goodies for Oct and Now and wad jus arrived jn. Before that, life has been getting a bit better and a lot of things happened over the 2 months and i m glad they happened. Now i m jus waiting for another 5 months plus til i will be able to go Japan again. お楽しみに!


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An eventful 4 months

Posted by turtle0411 on October 7, 2012

Well well, its been 4 months since i posted some goodies pictures. Anyway, these 4 months has been pretty eventful, from being a clerk to so many announcement and new season anime. Saimoe, Autumn anime, AFA 12 etc. To keep things short:Wonderful. I wont follow Saimoe this year because i jus lack the drive like last time to really post things already… Anyway lets start with the pictures.

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Posted by turtle0411 on August 6, 2012


さてと、 I didnt really find the best photo that can show the cuteness of Kaori-chan but anyway from her blog, one of her personal photo ^_^. Ah, it wasnt really that long ago that i got to know abt YuiKaori or u can say Kaori or Yui chan but i must say their dance talent is beyond a normal dancer. When in Stylips, they can dance very well and of cuz Yui always choreographs the moves.


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